It’s been a year since HyunA’s last release and we can honestly say we are more impressed with the lead single this time around than we have been in a while.

Singing about her lover makes her feel younger and younger every time they are together, brings a sense of control to the chaos that love is putting on her.  The production has that same multiple switch-up style that she has been bringing to table in her title tracks, but there is a lot more similarity between the different switches which makes it less annoying for the listener and gives the song a nice underlying continuity.

The vocals are really nice.  HyunA has spent most of the last few years rapping, so it’s nice to hear her somewhat baby-toned singing voice again.  She never gets out of her comfort zone, but the song never sounds flat either and she still manages to bring her usual energy to her performance despite the song being slower in tempo.

The lyrics confused us little at first, but we think it’s because we are missing cultural context more than the lines don’t make sense.  We did eventually get it, though, and appreciated how the words came across somewhat non-conventional without losing the thread at any point.

The thing about HyunA is that she is always pushing the envelope in terms of Korean societal expectations, which is fine, but that aim can be a hindrance to your music if all you are going for is shock value.  Her last couple of singles (not including Triple H because that’s a group effort) have been way over the top in terms of production and didn’t showcase her talents in the best way.  Babe dials things back just enough so that there is some focus to the sound without making the singer/rapper sound boring and still fitting with her style overall.  He is absolutely a sexy queen with a boisterous, gives-no-fucks style on stage, but we like it when she gives us a little bit of the real woman behind the image as well and this integrates the two very well.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.