One of the reasons that we don’t cover more Jpop is that, simply, it is EXTREMELY hard to get music and videos out of Japan if the singers/groups aren’t based in another Asian country (and, even then, it can take a while).  We posted Meiri Alaha’s Crave before the country blocker was put on it two years ago and have just got around to being able to post the audio.  And while things have been changing due, in part, to Japanese artists and companies seeing the international success their Korean and Chinese counterparts are starting to have, the shift is slow and it takes us a few months to get hold of the gems.

Now let us tell you about THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE.

First of all, this group is massive.  With a roster that sports somewhere between 12 and 17 members (depending on the project you pick up), it will take you a while to figure out who is who without a video and a map.  As with an increasing number of the Jhop-hop groups, they have a diverse lineup, with members who have mixed ethnic heritage and some of that shows in their style.  They embrace hip-hop culture without it being cringey and find a way to combine two cultures effectively and with a lot of success.

Their latest EP has the group remaining true to form and sticking with the hip-pop brand that has served them well since their formation, but we have completely fallen in love with the visual for the track 13 Savage.  Showing off the grimy side of group dance they demonstrate a kind of tight yet relaxed movements that are required for some of the more intricate hip-hop dances.  This video runs over five minutes, but you absolutely do not feel it when you watch.  The pace is fast and the changes in dancers and style help the time fly by.

Add to that just a really good production mix that features a variety of hip-hop and Asian elements and you have recipe for good.

This is an instrumental track/dance video so no translations are needed.