There are certain artists that you await videos from because you know they will put some effort into it.  Ne-Yo is definately one of them.  Whether it be because of a storyline that he sets up or footwork he puts down, it’s almost always a joy to see the concept he has for a song.

The visual for Another Love Song falls into the footwork category as, after a brief setup, the singer gets down with the patrons of a restaurant about how happy he is about the love he shares with…some woman (because it’s probably not the one he’s having breakfast with).  The moves are solid and Ne-Yo shows that he hasn’t lost a step in his downtime.  What we really like is the spectrum of women that are showcased, as the are all portrayed as being sexy but also manage to have their individual flavors even with their short screen time.

It might remind some of a mixture of One In A Million and Champagne Life, but there is nothing wrong with that.

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