We had to take the time to wish all of our American visitors a happy Independence Day and give you a little gift that we are going to be using ourselves as we BBQ and relax.

We have found some really great video playlists on YouTube.  Giving you a taste of the throwback jams, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, pop, blues, and Kpop we hope to have you covered for whatever mood you find yourself in; just click play and let it all ride.  And if you have a YouTube enabled television or larger screen portable device, pulling these up and letting them play for everybody to see can be quite the icebreaker.


Late 90’s/Early 00’s Hip-Hop and R&B





R&B 2000-2017




2017 Hip Hop Songs & Best R and B New Song Playlist




Top 100 Jazz Classics




TOP 100 Greatest Blues Songs Of All Time




Top Pop Songs Of All Time




Kpop MV 2015 -2017