JoJo has the kind of voice that works for a lot of things, but she never seems more in her zone than when she gives you good R&B jam.  Wonder Woman follows in the same vein as Demonstrate in that we get to hear more of freaky side of the singer.  The interesting the about JoJo is that she never shies away from going explicit with her language on her tracks, but it never feels like it’s for shock value.  This can be a hard feat to pull of people who have been in the industry since they were children like she has, but she pulls it off well.

The vocals on this track are the star from start to finish.  You get that sexy vibe as she sings about how she misses her man’s loving, but you also get the wistfulness that accompanies her talking about what they used to have and how she (somewhat) regrets how her career got in the way of that.  The tone in her voice is just right and comes of as emotionally invested while also not overdoing it on the sensual angle so that you miss the other elements of the song.  The backing harmonies, especially on the chorus, help fill out the sound of the track in just the right places but doesn’t overtake the solitude that she’s expressing throughout.  Even her rap verse doesn’t come off as forced and sounds natural in its placement.

The downside of the track is that the production is somewhat generic.  It’s not so plain that you can ignore it, but it doesn’t stand out on it’s own.  This has been an issue for a lot of her songs recently and likely has to do with how much her label is willing to invest in her.  If she were able to step that side of her music up just a touch, she would be a force to be reckoned with.  As for this song, the production does nothing to kill the mood and it still has good replay value.  We are really hoping we get more like this in the future.