DΞΔN is out hear giving live vocals and showing that he is the real deal.

If there is one thing that I like about Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook is that it does give that “it” factor that a lot of singers have a chance to shine through while showing that their talent is more than a studio fabrication.  Whether it’s showing how uncomfortable but genuine T.O.P.’s vocals are (#StayStrongTOP) or letting us know that Vixx is on a steady diet of CDs, we get a lot of great performances from this show.

The latest added to the roster amazing moments is DΞΔN with his cover of the Corinne Bailey Rae classic Like A Star.

I’ve heard DΞΔN perform sections of this song before in interviews and in concert, but I have never heard him sound quite like this.  It starts off a little unsure, but quickly transitions into a sweetness that is rare for a male singer.  His upper-register notes are gentle and a perfect match for the song.  When he swings into the second verse and brings things back down into his normal tenor, the transition is seamless and almost unnoticeable except for the increased lower-register adlibs.  His English pronunciation is solid and he really just seems to be enjoying himself…as does the audience, are is absolutely enthralled.

Despite this being one of three songs that he performed on the show (you can see the others on YouTube), this is by far my favorite.  It gave him a chance to shine solo and really showed why so many love his music.