Our thought was that, after FLY, that we would be in for an overly autotuned beatfest and that’s pretty much what we got.

The production for all the tracks is more than solid.  You hear the touch of Cha Cha Malone on this and it helps give all the darker sounds some color.  Nearly every track will have you nodding your head before the vocals and raps come in because the beatwork is just right.  The biggest problem is that everything sounds very dark and very similar, which would be fine if we didn’t have the second issue…

All the heavy autotune for Sik-K is that, one, he doesn’t need it on every track (as his live performances show) and, two, it makes him sound extremely flat in comparison to the featured artists.  Crush and Jay Park especially shine on their respective songs and, unfortunately, become the focal point of the track instead of the main artist.  A lot of that is due to the lack of expressiveness from Sik-K, which is a little out of character on such a long run of tracks, We’re not saying that this style doesn’t work; there are several songs where it’s just the right touch.  But it also caused a lot of the songs to just run together and the listener to tune out.

A reorganization of the tracks might help this be a better listen as some of the better songs are either at the beginning or the end of album.

Lyrically, though, this is pretty good set.  While Sik-K is not out here trying to save souls with his music, he does have tracks that hang together well and the mixture of English and Korean language is so flawless that you barely notice the switch.  His punchlines are solid and we like the abbreviation usage that allows him to rhyme with words that might not have worked otherwise.  His flow can be a little dull at times, but when he really gets in with the energy, the songs are solid and very replayable.

Overall, this is a good party or club album with some good tracks that can be pulled out from the set for continued listening.  We just hope that the rapper comes better than this in the future.

Our favorite tracks are Party (Shut Down), Have A Little Fun, Somebody Else, and A Lil Bit.  The most skippable tracks are Henny and Too Many because, despite Jay Park putting in some impressive sounds, it’s not enough to keep this from sounding repetitive.