We’ve heard a few tracks from Suran in the past and they were pretty good.  Of course, a few good singles doesn’t mean a person can carry an EP, but Suran apparently has no problems doing that because her latest project has satisfied our ears and excited to see her grow as time goes on.

The thing about Suran is that she has a very interesting voice in terms of tone.  She initially sounds like prototypical young, female Kpop singer with her high voice and sweet vocals on the first track, but her sound begins to fill out the longer the track goes on and keeps improving as the songs go on.  Her tone begins to deepen slightly and become less airy as well as taking on this unique tonal quality that is hard describe.  There is a little jazzy twang in there that makes her immediately identifiable as a singer but also work with the type of music she’s doing.

The only way to describe the style she does is that pop&B middle ground with some sounds teetering more to one side or the other.  The more pop-like songs in the set are likely the most boring as they don’t take full advantage of her vocal abilities, but they are by no means bad.  The more R&B-styled songs show off her ability to keep a track interesting and the subtle nature of many of her adlibs and layered harmonies.  Many of the backing vocals in the project are extremely rich, but may take a few listens to catch as they hover just above the surface of the production and mesh with it in interesting ways.  On tracks where a male vocalist (like DΞΔN) provides the bottom of the scale create an interesting contrast and actually serve to highlight her voice in ways that her singing alone sometimes does not.

The pace of this one might be a little slow for some, but those who are into And July-style tracks will find many of these very enjoyable.

Our favorite tracks are 1+1=0 and Wine.  The most skippable track is Walking.