It’s been a while since we heard from Tiyon Mack, but it’s always a welcomed sound when he greets our ears.

Lamenting the fact that the person he has given his heart to has turned out to be a shameless cheat, this track will have you in your feelings even as you marvel at the vocals.  There is something about those runs that he can do that just make a song work.  They are so subtly and yet do everything to make vocals pop on even the slowest songs.  Christian marks this track as him being on his Drake/Bryson Tiller ish but if Drake or Tiller ever gave us vocals like this, they would end the game.

The production of the track is somewhat generic, but it works with the vocal performance.  Too much oomph from the beatwork would have made some of those runs unnecessary as well as made the track a little too bright for the theme.  The lyrics are good, even if they don’t approach the subject from a new perspective, because they feel very emotionally honest; it sounds like someone leaving a message for the person that hurt them and really trying their best to not go off…and failing in a lot of respects.

The interesting thing about Christian is that, because he is a songwriter by trade, there is always the chance that this track will end up in the hands of another artist.  He is best known for his work with Tamar Braxton and, honestly, this track would be a great addition to her discography as well as offer something a little something different to her fans.

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