Show Me The Money has arrived and they decided to go with a cypher for the producer introductions this time around.

This is an interesting path to take considering that there is team dynamic to this show.  In previous years they had the teams perform a stage set as a group in order to show off their styles as producers and unity as a group.  A cypher is meant to show of the individual skills of emcees and offer an opportunity for each one to outdo the ones that came before.  As much as they might have wanted to hang together, the viewer couldn’t help but compare team members against each other and rank the performances.  We don’t mind, though; we also got is a sample of what each member brings to their perspective production teams and how they balance one another out.

There was unique flow and unique lyrical styling from each performer and that made for an interesting six minutes.  This could have gotten really boring if they had all tried to sound alike over the beat (only DΞΔN and Zico got a wholly unique beat) or kept saying generic lines over and over again.  Each one came with something about themselves and, while it could totally come across as brag rap, what they were really giving was a rundown of what made them good at what they do and how far they have come in their careers so that they appeal to the contestants.

I think one of the things that is getting past some people is how well both Jay Park and DΞΔN did considering that both  of them are odd men out in this set.  Jay Park, while his Korean has massively improved since his debut, is still somewhat a novice when it comes to language idioms so he can’t always come with the pure Korean wordplay.  His decision to integrate English more fully into his verse was a smart one and allowed him to drop some solid lines with his own unique flair.  DΞΔN is the only performer in the set who is primarily known as a singer.  For him to be able to hold his own on this set and still make it come across and uniquely his own style while giving a lot of fans something they’ve never heard from him before is admirable.

Choiza and Tiger JK ate everybody’s lunch, though.  They came through with the flow, the lyrics, the style and just dominated the set.

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