We are still waiting on Mario to bring us that comeback album that he has been promising us since the end of 2015 and it doesn’t look like he’s any closer to getting something out.  He’s had some singles out, the most recognizable of which is last year’s I Need More (where we recount his path to new release up to that point), but it all the buzz fizzled out and he seems to be back at square one…

Or, maybe not.

A somewhat low quality track of the singer’s surfaced late last month and, while we didn’t get the official release of if that we had been hoping would follow it up, this is exactly what we have been wanting from him.  Using a sample from SWV’s Rain as the foundation of the production, the singer comes at us with a nice metaphor for moving on and learning from pain with those lessons guiding you to something better.  The singer’s vocals are great; they have just the right amount of adlib to keep the track interesting but not too much that it makes the song sound overwrought.  For the entire four minutes, you feel like you are submerged in his sound and, when it’s all over, you are eager to go back in for more.

If there is one thing that this track and the awesome Bed/Love should show Mario is that he can really get old fans back on board and get some new ones if he made more tracks like this.  With the exception of his very first single, his most memorable tracks have been mid-tempo or downtempo tracks that play into this vocal delivery as a sweet but deadly sexy man with a good heart (and other parts) that he is willing to share.  An entire album of songs like this would be at the top of our buy list and, we have a feeling, a lot of other people’s, too.  We can only hope he figures that out before it’s too late.