Continuing on the vibe they set for themselves with Two of Us, Chloe x Halle continue to shine.

Sonically, this could easily have fit in the sisters’ mixtape as it has a similar production and lyrical style.  If you listen to Two of Us and this back to back, you will notice a escalation of runs that swoop through several slightly out-of-tune notes on the chorus that create an interesting harmony with the beatwork and make you focus in.  Chloe also does more of the lead vocals this time and that switch changes the way that the songs sounds overall as her normal pitch is a lot higher than her sister’s. The major difference we hear is in the harmonies.  In previous releases, we heard backing vocals that reflected their mentor.  This time they are a lot more minimal in implementation and the layering is pulled back some, making it sound a lot more like only two people are singing.

The meaning behind the song is fairly simple, about hitting up a party with a bunch of fake people showing off their fake bling and wanting to escape to something more real, but the way they phrase things makes it interesting to listen to.  Their chosen lyrical style seems to trend towards descriptive poetry; short lines with important words that form a vivid images.  The best thing about it is that they manage to keep things cohesive and don’t go off on tangents that don’t fit the theme.

This is a good listen and one that you find yourself rewinding due to the short runtime.  We hope we can expect a full pay release like this from them very soon.

Sidenote: Yes; that is a slightly paced sample of Drunk In Love you hear from about 1:42 on.

If you haven’t seen Dear White People on Netflix yet, we highly suggest it.  It handles a lot of heavy topics with humor, candor, and depth; a hard thing to do, but they manage to it exceedingly well.