There is nothing like a good R&B/soul cover of a seminal rock track.  Anderson .Paak impressed us with his rendition of Seven Nation Army and, now, Maysa has done an amazing cover a Pat Benatar classic.

The things that jumps out at us the most about this cover is that Maysa’s vocals are the only thing that really make this an R&B track.  If you compare the original to this in pace, this is only slightly slower.  The newer production consists primarily of acoustic guitar, which Benatar has used live and sounds a lot like this.  It is only the placement of the harmonies (which are richer than Benatar’s live versions) and the lack of a harsh growl in Maysa’s vocal performance that tips the genre scale.

It’s also why it works so well.  Some many times, when artists do a genre hop to do a cover, they make the mistake of changing a little too much and making the song unrecognizable.  They fact that Maysa is able to make this rendition her own while still giving homage to the classic is rare and it should not go unappreciated.

It also has us eager to hear what her other covers are going to sound like.

Her 13th studio album, also titled Love Is A Battlefield, consists of ten remakes and will be available May 26.

And, if by chance, you haven’t heard the original track, check it out below.