She just announced that she was working on a follow-up to last year’s Lauren and Keke Palmer has already dropped a new single to set the pace for what’s to come.

Over an aggressive island beat, Palmer declares that she is coming for your neck if dare step to her.  Her delivery style is very sing-songy rap, which doesn’t really suit her vocal abilities all that well.  She has a somewhat delicate vocal ability and she’s not quite able to match the aggression of the beat.  Also, the somewhat flat tone of her voice makes it very easy to tune the track out.  What will bring you back in, though, is Quavo.  The Migos emcee delivers a solid verse and brings the only real burst of energy to the track.  The entire time he is flowing, you get into the track.  After he’s done, you really wish that his verse was longer (or that this was his track and the feature was Palmer).

The thing about this track is that all of the posturing just rings really hollow.  While she loves to clap back on Twitter and Instagram, no one really believes that Keke Palmer is going to put a hurt on anyone.  This could have been easily remedied by making this more of a brag track about her money and fame (which is in here, but not the main thrust of the song), but going that little extra bit was just a step too far and made this a bit of an eyeroller.

Ultimately, the song is okay…it just would have been better done by someone else.

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