Finally coming back with a new single and the continuation of the story from her previous video Back 2 Life, Letoya Luckett lets her man know that what he’s used to out there in the world is not as good as what he’s getting from her.

This song surprised me because it starts off with a slow, dark, trap sound but halfway through the first bridge you hear this island beat slowly start to assert itself and gain dominance as the main production thrust for a while.  The two sounds bounce back and forth for the entire song and, while it should sound chaotic, it works very well.  It also turns what could have been a track that could have been easy to tune out to one that sticks with you.  Playing this and Back 2 Life back to back shows a consistency of sound that will be interesting if the current track order stays the same.

Luckett also sounds great on the track.  Her vocals are lowkey but expressive; a good fit for the track.  She gives the main burst of energy to the song by knowing when to infuse a run and when to really let loose with the emotional power.

The lyrics are a nice continuation in terms of what is building as the story for the album as well.  You hear self esteem in these words in that she is not going to settle for less and not going to let her significant other treat her like some random either.  It’s not necessarily cocky; it seems to be focused on knowing your worth and not letting someone–even someone you love–downplay that.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this visual also ends on a cliffhanger.  I’m actually curious as to whether this will ultimately be a full-length, overarching story that will feature the tracks on the album as vignettes to move things along.  If it is, I hope it’s included on the project as well.

The album, Back 2 Life, comes out May 12.