This needs to be longer.

While DΞΔN is prepping his second EP (or first album) for release, he has teamed up with Kolon Sport for ad campaign #FlowerPower2017 that is aimed at saving Jeju Island’s leontopodium hallaisanense, which is an endangered flower species related to the famous edelweiss.

This jazzy tune is so much of what we love about the singer.  He brings in the solid vocals that are expressive and yet still lowkey enough that the dynamic production shines through without overpowering him.  The harmonies and backing vocals are smooth and add a nice dimension to what could have been a simple CF track.  Despite the short length the track manages to ramp up in terms of intensity as each section brings a change to the overall sound and keeps things flowing. Expanding this out to at least three minutes would guarantee him another hit for sure.

We can only hope that a full version of this track will be included on the project he releases next.

We’ll keep looking for translations; bear with us.