ELHAE always manages to take our breath away with his projects for the simple fact that he switches our expectations everytime.  All Have Fallen was a lot darker sonically than we expected, but not out of the realm of possibility based on the singles.  So when he announced Aura II, we were expecting a slightly darker version of the original freelease.  Instead we got a surprisingly bright project that made us feel very good from beginning to end.

The interesting thing about this is that the production itself is still somewhat dark.  Many of the tracks are moody in style, but there is something about the tone and delivery that ELHAE brings to the set that helps to levitate the mood.  It also has a lot to do with the subject matter, which is very much centered around the goodness and healthy obsessions that come with love and relationships,  the darkest track is the sensually erotic, Eric Bellinger-assisted Slip & Fall.

The track that helps set the tone, though, is the very happy Something.  With its island-light production and the upbeat vocals by the singer/rapper, you find yourself vibing to the sound.  You also hear some the elements that elevate the mood of the other tracks; the melody in the higher keys, the energetic bass, and the more undertoned slow, deep notes.

Aura II is out now.  Click the link to be taken to SoundCloud to hear the entire project.