The single for Every Day6: April is here and the guys just keep bringing their A-game.

For those of us who worried that Day6 wasn’t getting enough attention for their previous releases, we are more than happy to see people jumping on the bandwagon now.  And I’m Serious is going to have so many people on it that the bandwagon is going to need a spatial upgrade.

We were struck by the fact that, despite that this song has a slightly different sound than their previous singles (and the accompanying tracks), there is an underlying similarity that makes them all flow very well together.  This more acoustic, more summery song has a lot in common with How Can I Say and I Wait in terms of backing instrumentation and lyrical line construction.  This is likely due to the fact that the same person/people are involved in the writing and production (the group itself, it seems).  The flow makes listening to all of them back to back very easy.

We’re also really struck by the fact that all four of their singles, despite the upbeat mood that most of them have, are all about bad relationship and breakup.  It makes us want to give them a hug.

Sidenote: The secondary tracks on the singles actually have a different sound than the released singles, but they also have a flow to them when played back to back.  The fact that this group is going to have between 20-24 tracks available for a full album release at some point has us curious as to how this is going to be marketed.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.