R&B comes in all kinds of flavors and Joohee is giving us smooth and sexy alt-R&B with a “K” twist that can really give you peace of mind.

Psychotherapy may only be four tracks but, by the end of it you have a real appreciation for the voice of this singer.  She not only understands her instrument, but she also knows how to utilize it to its fullest, putting those adlibs in just the right place and switching up her tone to give you sassy, sexy, or serious when the mood requires it.  The production for the tracks is pretty limited, giving us less of a smorgasbord and more a good midnight snack that leaves you feeling satisfied but possibly longing for a bigger meal.  The lyrics (from what we can understand) seem to be good and every song seems to flow into a single story, through we could also be seeing theme here and mistaking it for a narrative.

We have a distinct feeling that set is going to be ignored by a lot of people on both sides of the ocean, but we are going to show it love because it is exactly the sound we needed in our lives right now.

Our favorite tracks are Imma and She’s Mine.  The most skippable track is Actress, not because it’s particularly bad but because it’s the track that she seems to get into the least, vocally.

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