We are feeling really international now; we’ve got a submission from the Democratic Republic of Congo!

As it sometimes is when we do songs from other countries, the point is just to expose our readers to a different type of music that has a familiar bent that they may understand but incorporates the styles of a new cultures.  This one is a twofer in that respect; we get a combination of Western, African, and French music influences for a pretty nice track.

The upper register singing may throw some listeners off, but this is actually pretty par for the course when it comes to a lot of French, male singers.  The melodic piano touches are very sweet and match the theme (that we can understand) of the song.  The underlying bass and drum have a tribal rhythm to them and are something that we here have come to associate with Africa.  The sound is strangely calming, as you would think the combination of those elements would be chaotic, and Gidapwidi, who wrote and composed the track, conveys gentleness and understanding in his delivery.

Take a listen and, if you like it, find out more about the artist by checking out @Gidapwidi on Twitter.

Click on the video’s title to go to see the untranslated lyrics for the song.  The are apparently in a combination of English (obviously), French, and Lingala.