We love this song…but you already knew that.

The G-Eazy remix was cool and all but we are all in for this.  If there are two male singers out there who are really giving it to you in the R&B genre, it would have to be Ro James and BJ The Chicago Kid.  They comes at you with great vocals (and usually a lack of autotune), solid lyrics, and interesting production.  Getting the two on the same track is something a lot of people have wanted and this is a nice precursor to an original track or EP (hint, hint).

The only new vocals belong to The Chicago Kid and his verse brings a different energy to the track.  He shows how a different melody would have changed the sound but kept the sensuality of mood.  We would have loved a complete re-do on the track that had the two interacting more, but we understand that James is busy on his tour.  Still a solid track and well worth a listen of only just to fall in love with the original again.