There is nothing better for a romantic playlist than a good male/female duet.  When done right, it can set the mood better than a box a strawberries in champagne and rose oil in a bubble bath.  That’s why we’re impressed that Luke James and Sevyn Streeter decided to take on one of the best out there this past Valentine’s Day…with good results.

Streeter and James have pretty good chemistry, although it does sound like they were in two different studios recording (yes; most duets are done this way, but the good ones never show it).  It’s very rare, but there is the odd moment that it sounds like they are competing against each other vocally rather than singing to one another.  Those moments are swift and far between, though, and they don’t take you out of the song.  Both singers bring their A-game with strong vocals that really show what they are capable of as singers.  This is the strongest we’ve ever heard Streeter and it suits her well.

Of course, when you do a remake, you can’t avoid comparisons to the original and this stacks up pretty well.  Hill and D’Angelo had a much different, more subdued vocal delivery on this track; it matched the production expertly and made the song feel very insular.  Streeter and James lay the adlibs and runs on thick and it changes the mood of the track considerable.  The original felt more two people laying in bed next to each other, whispering sweet nothings; this version feels like two people who are declaring their love for the whole world to hear.  It is an entire different effect, but you can’t deny that there is emotion in either case.

Which version you prefer will come down to the mood you want to set or are feeling; are you just wanting to make an intimate declaration or are ready for the world to know?