From her Grammy-nominated album Smoov Jones, Mýa delivers a somewhat trippy black and white visual for her latest single, Coolin‘.

As music videos go, it’s mostly beauty shots but they are elevated to something of meaning as the solo shots seems to be depicting Mýa’s craving and withdrawal symptoms as she thinks about and misses her lover.  The artist barely appears to have aged since she first stepped onto the scene and the entire clip gives off a grown-and-sexy vibe that comes across as effortless.

As for the track itself, it feels a little like the songstress is doing a little channeling of Sade thanks to the No Ordinary Love-sounding drums and jazz-inspired melody.  Her vocals are an odd offset to the beatwork; she takes a higher octave than you would think with a song that seems to in the alto range.  It doesn’t sound bad though and it plays to the dichotomy of the man she describes in the song; someone who is both hot and cool.  The lyrics are good and paint a rather poetic picture of someone so absolutely taken with another person that she can barely contain her passion.  The entire track comes off as very mature and romantic, a good fit for a singer that has been putting out music for over 20 years now.

While it’s not our favorite song on Smoov Jones, it is still a good listen