DΞΔN is starting a new era and we are interested in where he’s going to take things.  If there is one thing he can do is keep things lit, but we are actually really happy to hear him change things up this time around.  Limbo reminds us a little of Half Moon from his previous EP in terms of the jazz-type melody that pervades the song, but the underlying beat gives the song a bit of head nod potential.

The sweetness of the track seems to be there to offset what we think (our translation abilities are really subpar) is the duo of DΞΔN and Yerin Baek singing about how they cannot seem to get over the other person and everything just feels cold, empty, and muted.  The two singers pair well together as they both have the ability to go all in on a track with adlibs and full-blast vocals, but can also dial it back and touch your heart.  There are moments when the two harmonize that just makes you melt but it’s the moments where the two sing the same note and it rings clear a bell that catch you and take your breath away.

It may not satisfy those who wanted him to go more Bonnie & Clyde with this, but this is satisfying.

Sidenote: The single also includes an interlude called Gate Crashers, which has the singer doing a traditional, romantic ballad for the first time.

We’ll have a translation for you as soon as possible.