How did we miss this?

The members of Pretty Ricky are pretty good as a group but, we have to say, we’re enjoying their solo efforts a lot.  Some time back at the end of October, Spectacular released his latest mixtape and reminded us that he has a lot to offer.

The name Sex God is a perfect on for this set.  From top to bottom (with Lotta Racks being an exception) this mixtape breathes freakdown.  The way that the songs are written will set the happy-center off in the brains of Pretty Ricky fans everywhere as the structure of the tracks is very similar to On The Hotline and Grind On Me with the most explicit sexual content coming in the verses but giving us a more PG-13 definition of the track on the choruses.  The lyrics, while nothing mind-blowing, are distinctive without being nonsensical and call attention to themselves in good ways.  Spectacular does a good job of balancing his singing and rapping, giving both a good airing, but he also invites in singers like Eric Bellinger to vary things up some, keeping the listener on their toes.

Now, we’re not in love with ever track in this set.  SquirterNo Chill, and Lotta Racks are highly skippable for us; though Squirter and No Chill do have that sense of humor and nasty atmosphere that we remember from the group’s albums, with No Chill bringing in Pleasure P for extra nostalgia.  But for ever song that doesn’t quite work, there’s another that catches you by surprise with its strength.  Slow Grind and Waste No Time are catchy, show of the singer/rapper’s vocals more prominently, and probably the most memorable and single-worthy on the set.

Overall we have to say that this isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but if you’re a fan of Pretty Ricky you are going to like this and find it a fun listen.

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