James Fauntleroy brings the kind of music that is almost always perfect in terms of listenability and meaning.  His latest, DOJO, is no different.

One of the best things about this is that Faunterloy switches things up a little more on this set than he has on previous ones.  While the singer has always given us different tempos and styles on his loosies, his multiple-track projects tend to stick to his acoustic guitar instrumentals and slower songs.  DOJO adds some additional layers to the tried and true formula by adding some (more overt) electronic sound effects and speeding a few of the tracks up just a bit.  Considering how gentle that Fauntleroy’s voice comes across in tone, it can sometime be hard to think of him doing anything that isn’t completely vocal centered with a quieter tone.  Instead, he manages to keep that signature vocal delivery while doling out more power, giving us a strong but sweet performance that few men in the industry are able to pull off.

Lyrically, this is completely Fauntleroy from top to bottom.  All the tracks have that top layer meaning but give you so much more on subsequent listens when you really dive in.  It gives the listener so much more to enjoy and also gives the songs more staying power in terms of memorability.  After just a single listen, it’s not hard to find yourself repeating some of the lines you heard and really thinking about what they mean to you.  That’s a powerful statement for something so short.

Our favorite tracks are Running, Oblige, and Amnesia.

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