After a rocky period where the singer announced a follow-up to her critically-acclaimed Z, didn’t deliver due to miscommunications with the label, announcing she was going to retire, and then backing down from that, we finally get the first new solo track from the singer in almost three years.

While we can only speculate why the song is called Drew Barrymore, the meaning is clear; SZA is apologizing for not being the type of woman that the man she’s having a physical relationship would want to settle down with while still offering herself to him on those nights when he’s alone.  She is also beating herself up for not leaving a relationship that she knows isn’t good for her.  The lyrics are not as dense as they were on Z, but they are still packed with meaning.  She says a lot about the situation in few words and gives her emotional response through only context clues (instead of stating it outright).  We are thrilled that her songwriting is still as strong as ever.

The biggest thing we notice, though?  SZA’s vocal performance is vastly improved over what she gave us on Z.  She didn’t sound bad there, but her delivery was flat and somewhat emotionless at times.  Now, we get energy from her tone and it is beautiful offset to the somewhat turned-down production.  Not that production is dull, but it’s not like the more complex and layer sounds of her first album.  This is a real treat for those who like the singer’s style and a new introduction for those who may just be discovering her now.

This is the first single from the singer’s upcoming album, CTRL.