Kameron Corvet is back with an jam that will have people throwing caution to the wind reaching out to that person who peaks their interest in that special way.

The star of this show is Corvet and his voice.  He has that smooth, baritone voice that works so well with songs like this.  While just stating matter-of-factly (with some good illusions so that it doesn’t sound like every other track you’ve heard on this subject) about what he wants to do with his time with this woman, the singer weaves a seductive atmosphere around the track.  His calm delivery is the clincher; it sounds like he’s whispering in your ear.

The production also does a good job of setting the mood.  The muted horns (which sound further muted by the production filter) and the tinkling piano keys give the song a classy vibe, but the underlying electric guitar adds that spark that makes it pop.  The throbbing bassline does its thing by giving you a somewhat primal element that tells you what’s about to go down will be hot.  It all comes together to create an auditory version of what we see in a person we’re physically attracted to.

This is the second release of the singer’s upcoming Early Riser project, expected out sometime this spring.  To hear the first one, just click this link.