Sent to us by the producer, Michelin Shin, this one might get you going in late to work in the morning.

Focusing on the submitter first, the production is what sets the vibe for the track.  The low bass thumps teamed with a brighter synth/vocal harmony line is a mood creator and gives a nice backbone to the vocalist, especially in the falsetto sections.  The pace of the track is nicely varied thanks to the snare, but never seems to go too far out of pocket in one direction or another, making it perfect for a bedroom jam.

Moving on to Pierre Hopkins, we really like his vocals.  He has one of those tenor voices that could have easily made this song not work, but he uses his falsetto and lush harmonies to fill out the tone and give his tone some nice context depth.  His engagement and energy on the track are also much appreciated as he could have gone the sleepy route and still had a passible track.  As this is his debut single, we can easily see where he could go with future tracks and are interested in hearing what else he has to offer.

The only thing that we didn’t really get into were the lyrics.  Most of the lines feel like well-trod territory for this kind of song, but they also lost meter and rhyme on occasion which took us out of the mood some.  It won’t make you hate the track by any means and it’s still worth a few listens, but it does lessen the replay value.

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