Bringing in new(ish) members Doyoung and Johnny, NCT 127 is making its second(ish) comeback in less than a year.

If you read our review of NCT 127’s first EP, we pointed out some of the problems we had with the set; mainly the overproduced quality and so-so rapping.  Well somebody over at SM must have seen it because we are all in for this second attempt!

Limitless is what you would get if Fire Truck and The 7th Sense had a baby.  The music is likely going to be more accessible to a Korean audience than The 7th Sense, but a lot more easy on the ears to overseas audiences than Fire Truck.  What accomplishes this more than anything is the toned-down (or up, depending on your perspective) production for the tracks.  The busiest song on the album is Limitless, but it is nowhere near as overpowering as some of the tracks on the first EP were.  At the same time, it’s not so stripped down as to be perceived as sleepy like some people found The 7th Sense to be.

But what really took us by surprise throughout this entire project is the vocals.  NCT 127 has a lot of potential in the talent of its members and, it seems that they tapped every ounce of it for this one.  The harmonies are a lot richer, the lead vocalists are more confident and when those unexpected group runs popped in songs, we were floored.  This is what will keep our attention in the comebacks to come; the improvement between the two sets can not be ignored and we are looking forward (more than we were) to their first full album…after an NCT U comeback.

Our favorite tracks are Good Thing, Baby Don’t Like It, and Back 2 U (AM 1:27).  The most skippable track is, surprisingly, the title track Limitless.

Update: The vocal coach for this EP was G. Soul, who we haven’t seen in front of the mic in a minute but, apparently, has been finding a place behind the scenes.

Sidenote: We actually didn’t have a problem with Taeyong’s growling on Limitless because we still bop to this track.

Sidenote #2: Is that a Froggy Style sample I here on Good Thing?  WHAT?!

We have a link to the lyrics of each song below the player, courtesy of pop!gasa.

Tracklist for Lyrics:
Good Thing
Back 2 U (AM 1:27)
Baby Don’t Like It