The KorAm babies are coming as only they can–with that coherent Korenglish for that ass.

It may be brag rap, but the added dimension of the bilingual nature of the song keeps things interesting.  The fact that it’s all fiyah with seamless melding of words that rhyme and are on meter is just really impressive.  They are clearly thinking in chess because the transition back in forth required some attention to detail that many other rappers probably wouldn’t have paid.

But really, the appeal is just the rappers themselves.  All of them show out with personality and unique flows that give the right amount of bravado and showcase their different styles.  Top it off with a beat that just bumps and you end up with a track that, while maybe not a classic, is memorable and just a lot of fun.

A lot of American Kpop fans forget just how many of their faves were born in the U.S. or Canada and speak fluent English along with the Korean we hear them use all the time.  In recent years, though, a lot of them are starting to use their bilingual natures to expand and maintain fanbases on both sides of the international dateline, doing the same song in English and Korean.  K.B.B. builds on that by combining the two languages on one track in a way that is very natural and makes perfect sense (like bilingual speakers who naturally use Spanglish).  It’s not a gimmick as you can tell this is probably something all the rappers grew up doing to some extent.  It’s great to see them unapologetically combining all aspects of their heritage and putting out there with their middle fingers up to those who don’t like it.

Only downside of the track is that Jessi doesn’t have a verse; she really is just a sample.

Lyrics are translated in-video; no need to click anything or scroll down.