Trevor Wesley took a moment to gather his musical thoughts since he released the single (and title track of this set) Chivalry is Dead, but he’s finally put out a full project for those who only know him tangentially to hear more.

The first thing you will notice is the variation in sound that this album presents.  You get tracks like BAE, which sounds like Chivalry Is Dead with its throwback elements, but you also get songs tinged with the island sound that is becoming more popular (Just A Fling) and other modern-sounding tracks that keep this from being one-note.

Wesley’s vocals are an interesting addition over all the different sonic experiences of each song.  He still has that kind of Justin Timberlake-y, Sinatra doo-wop tone to his performance; it’s just the way he sounds.  We just didn’t expect it to work over the productions used as well as they did.  His tone varies enough so that his delivery never sounds out of place or antiquated, but he always keeps his person style intact.

Lyrically, this set is a little all over the place in terms of track-to-track cohesion, but the songs all work individually.  We get the tongue-in-cheek fun of the title track on a few others, but we also get some introspection and some genuine romance.  The phrasing isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but it stands out again the throwback elements and gives you a giggle on some of the juxtaposition.

Our favorite tracks are Chivalry Is Dead, Good Excuses, and Boom Chica Boom (title withstanding).  The most skippable tracks in the set are In This World and One Wish Away.

The Chivalry Is Dead album is available for purchase from all digital outlets.