Sammie is seeking to let you know that your man isn’t the end for you and that he is the beginning.

We weren’t really feeling his last single but Better lives up to its name.  With a smooth but bouncy production with a nice backbeat, the singer seems very much in his element as croons lovingly to the woman in question.  His switch between modern singing styles and more classic ones is in balance and his strategic falsetto adds just the right amount of color to keep things from getting boring.  The lyrics are what you would expect from this kind of song (and really similar to what we just posted from Joe), but it’s has the kind of seductive track that never gets old and is colored by the person singing it.  Definitely worth a few listens.

Sidenote: I kinda want someone to mash this with Total’s Kissing You.  I beat that would sound amazing.

Sammie’s I’m Him EP drops tomorrow (November 11).