Joe is one of those singers you can always count on not only for a good album but for an album that ages well.  While his about-to-be-released album may go some places that will take longtime fans by surprise (a little dubstep and some Adele-like tracks–including an actual remake of Hello), most of it will make a lot of people happy.

While we don’t have favorites yet, two tracks stood out to us.

The first, the romantic No Chance, is classic Joe.  The singer has always has a way with words, especially when it comes to making women feel like they own the world.  This track, telling a woman with a neglectful partner that he could give her so much more, is a smooth R&B track that highlights everything that we love about Joe.  The lyrics are sensual but respectful, the production has energy without having to be uptempo, and the vocals are like someone whispering in your ear.  A great track.

The second track, I Swear, falls into the same lane as No Chance, but this one is more about the woman in question finding her own worth.  He gets at her a little bit by telling her that’s what [she] get, tho/Dumbing down for a bum, yo, but he still tells her that she’s worth it.  This track is more mid-tempo than the previous one and reminded us of some of his older work in production and style, but it doesn’t sound old.  Given it’s placement on the album, it is likely meant to give something with a quicker pace to vary things up a bit.  Still a solid track.

Joe’s album, #MyNameIsJoeThomas, comes out tomorrow (November 11).