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It’s been just a little over a year since Twice debuted and they are already back with their third EP.  To be honest, while Like OOH-AHH grew on us after a few listens, we haven’t really been into their other tracks.  It’s not that they sound bad, but the overly cutesy sound that their first single flirted with just seemed to keep expanding until it overtook the other elements that we liked.

On a track that makes it seem like they finally found the guy they were look for in their first single only to be overtaken by shyness about approaching him, TT still has that air of cutesiness to it, but it comes more from the vocal performances than anything and isn’t overly accentuated by the production.  The beat change in the song happens just as often as it did on Like OOH-AHH, but the underlying similarities are such that the transitions are smoother.  The individual vocals performance may be easy to tell apart by TWICE fans, but newbies may have a hard time distinguishing individual voices.  The lyrics are pretty par for the course for this type of track, but they are interesting enough to keep a listener (who speaks the language) engaged and coming back.  Intonation really helps in this area because the flourishes they put on certain words are catchy and make certain sections stand out.

The best part?  We actually like the majority of their new EP, too.  Out of the seven songs presented, we are into four.  That may not sound like a good average but, considering we only kinda-like one song by them so far, this is a major step forward.

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