SPZRKT has gone back to the name his mama gave him and has a new solo album.

We’ve heard Xavier Omär before; he collaborated with Sango for the excellent freelease Hours Spent Loving You and has popped up on several Soulection-produced tracks.  His sound is a vibe that you can ride contently from mood to mood but still manages to keep you stable on a floor of ethereal bliss.

Omär’s vocals are good and, while still lacking in range, he knows his lane and makes the most of what he has making for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  He walks the line without teetering as he never seems out of his depth and his limits never send a song out of control (Omär corrected us on what we thought were adlibs on Speculate; those are actually reverse vocals).  His lyrical content is still on point as he manages to balance the poetic and prosaic elements of what he’s trying to say to make for songs that are deeper than a first listen might suggest but not so in the weeds of his own thinking that they are uninterpretable.

The production features the likes of J-Louis, Hit-Boy, IAMNOBODI, and Thelonious Martin makes for a baseline cohesive but ultimately highly differentiated sound from track to track.  This makes the short album an enjoyable listen because of the diversity of melody, but you also feel like the collection was curated with a point in mind as the underlying tones of the tracks are similar and the meanings of them follow a similar line as well.

The Everlasting Wave is available for purchase from all digital outlets.