Gabi Wilson, otherwise known as H.E.R., has dropped her first EP and it’s a pretty nice effort.  Seeming to center around a relationship that has hit a crossroads as to whether or not it will continue in some form or end outright, the singer gives something that is worth taking several listens to.

Centering her sound around the alt. R&B perspective, H.E.R. gives solid fronting vocals that may be light on the adlibs but still drip with emotion.  She also has some nice harmonies that are showcased in the lead of many songs as well as offering support in the backing vocals to help with tonal quality.  The lyrics are solid even if they are very straightforward, but it works for this set.  She’s looking for honesty and vulnerability from her significant other, so it makes since that she wouldn’t want to make her point hard to understand or hidden in some dense metaphors.

The biggest downside is that the production is pretty similar across all seven tracks.  Little things like the harp/piano scales in the background of Focus help to keep things from getting too boring, but the casual listener is not going to catch the small flourishes and might tune out a bit after the first few songs.  Things do change up some on Jungle (Remix), but it may be too late by then if you’re not listening closely.  If you have time to sit and listen and really enjoy though, you won’t regret giving your time here.