Again, why is he not a bigger thing, Korea?

The last time we posted on NiiHwa, we remarked that we hoped he would do the singing thing a little more in the future.  Well, apparently, someone was listening because he has dropped a track with so much cool layered in it that we don’t even mind that he’s wearing shorts in the club for the visual.

XYZ is one of those songs that just works from the moment it begins and it’s all due to the amazing vocals that the singer puts down on the track.  His effortless switch between his lower register and falsetto will have you head reeling.  The song never feels like it’s changing pace or building to anything, but it never feels flat either.  There is a distinct begin, middle, and end that are highlighted by his adlibs, harmonies, and rap verse.

We have a feeling that the song feeling like it ends where it begins is probably not an accident, but our horrible Korean only gives us the barest gist of what’s going on in this track.  We get the feeling he’s speaking about an ex that he can’t seem to get over, but there are sections that make us feel like he may be talking about a woman who will be the end of him and he can’t get enough of.

Of course, the production is also a big part of this track with its lowkey jazz bass.  There are sections when the beat just drops out and you barely notice because it doesn’t really assert itself beyond a more aggressive drum on the choruses.  This works wonders for this track because it really allows the vocals to shine.  And the best part is the production itself is still good; it just knows its place in the scheme of this track.

The odds of us finding a translation for this track is slim, but we’ll keep searching.