Call him what you like; Suga, Downtown Suga, Agust D (that would be DT Suga spelled backward, the DT stands for Daegu Town), just don’t insult his skills on the mic.  BTS’ Suga has finally released his long-awaited mixtape and it is pure flames.  Of course, BigHit Entertainment is being supportive of this endeavor and has funded a visual to accompany the drop.

The first full track of the freelease, Agust D has the rapper going at his haters and naysayers with a vicious flow and solid lyricism.  His English inserts aren’t quite as clear as Rap Monster’s, but there’s no mistaking what he’s saying.  As for who he’s talking about?  Some say it’s B-Free, who has taken shots at the idol for not being a real rapper.  Some say it’s anyone who has doubted what he had to offer because it took him a minute to finish the project.  Some say it’s underground rappers who felt that he sold out for the fame.  Whoever it/they are, they are currently laying in a heap somewhere, broken beyond recognition, because this track has demolished them.  From the moment the beat drops, you get into the sound and you just know that you’re in for something.  Agust D constantly changes up his flow over the beat, but it never seems off rhythm and he never lets up.  Even towards the cool down at the end, he’s still spitting blistering attacks and dropping bombs.

A great intro to his core style and a great track to amp up interest (like he needed it) in his new work.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics (be prepared to pause or watch a second time to see it all).