We don’t need to tell the #Army; they already know.

If there was any doubt after seeing the visual for the title track, let us assure you that Suga’s mixtape (who will be referred to as Agust D from here on out) is solid.

One of the things that we really like is that this freelease shows a real difference between the styles of he and Rap Monster.  Agust D is what G-Dragon once called a master of “flying rap” in that he’s at his best when his flow is fast and the beat is bumping.  Not that slower, softer tracks like So Far Away are bad by any means, but there is a definite drop in energy when neither he nor the beat can be as gruff and aggressive as he is during the previous tracks.  Still, for a 10-track freebie, this is well constructed and there isn’t really any lag.  As we said, So Far Away has an energy dip, but it is an outro track and the electric guitar solo makes it feel like he’s walking off the stage of a concert, so it’s a good closer.  The sequencing of the tracks is almost perfect as you feel like he’s taking you in a journey and he never gets sidetracked.  The production is also top notch and each individual song is crafted in such a way that he is able to show of a diversity of flow without sounding lost and still making quite a few bangers.

Our lyrical analysis is a little spotty (our Korean is not great), but he does have a solid base for each track so that it’s not just the sound of his voice that is meant to keep you listening.  We seem to get subjects as diverse as brag rap, perseverance, loss, and hope for the future in one set; showing that he is more than a one-trick pony who keeps addressing the same things over and over again.  There’s a place for rappers who do that, but it’s nice when someone seeks to go beyond what is expected.

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Check below the download button for links to the lyrical translations, courtesy of Peachisoda.

Sidenote: Who got next?  We’re thinking J-Hope.


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Lyric Links:
01. Intro ; Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz)
02. Agust D
03. give it to me
04. skit
05. 치리사일사팔 (724148)
06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)
07. 마지막 (The Last)
08. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
09. Interlude ; Dream, Reality
10. so far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN))