When we first heard Tinashe’s new single, Superlove, the first thing that popped into our minds was that it sounded like a Ciara track circa The Evolution of Ciara and Fantasy Ride.  That ultimately makes sense as The-Dream produced the track and he did quite a few songs for Ciara during that time.  The second thing we notices was possible samples from Ready for the World’s Love You Down and Ghosttown DJs My Boo (percussion).  Other than that, there wasn’t much to say about it.  The lyrics are what you would expect from a summery jam and Tinashe’s vocals are okay (not great for her) and a good fit for the track overall.

Then we saw the video and, we have to say, we like that this a lot more choreography heavy than most videos of this ilk would be.  Yes, she’s showing off the goods and twerking for all she’s worth, but we still dig the visual.  It gives the song more potential for replay (to learn the steps) and looks like it will be amazing on a live stage.

This is the ???? single from the singer’s upcoming second album, Joyride.  There is currently no release date for the project.

Sidenote: We tend to love mixtape Tinashe more than Arista single Tinashe at this point but we would never want to pigeonhole her to a particular style of track or music.  We just hope there’s more to the upcoming album than this (similar to Aquarius with its breadth in content).