Sanchez from Phantom (or, increasingly not from Phantom since they haven’t put out a collective single in a while), has been slowly shedding his more clean-cut image for something with a little rougher edge.  He still sings, but he’s leaving the more poppy part of his discography behind for now and waiting for his chance to break through.

And that’s what this track is about, feeling locked into a position and biding your time until you can get that recognition.  As a rapper, Sanchez has a nice understanding of flow and keeping things interesting, but does lack some lyrically control at times.  His lines don’t always match the beat for length so things either come up a little short or a little too long.  In that respect, putting KillaGramz on the track was probably a good idea as his more basic and level verse don’t outshine the track’s lead.  The lyrics are solid, though, so it’s hard to blame him if he was going for meaning over style.  The minute he gets the two of them to work together is when he’ll get his chance outside the waiting room.

Still, this is a pretty good track, especially with Sanchez singing the bridges and secondary chorus.  It’s worth the time to listen.

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