Not bad, Jun. K.

While listening to Jun. K’s album, Mr. Mr. NO♡, one of the things you might notice is the similarity between his personal style and that often used by 2PM when they work as a group.  The major difference?  The pop elements are almost nonexistent, with him favoring more pure R&B and mixed jazz styles that sends this more towards grown and sexy territory than you might initially think.

Just like the lead single, sections of this album can feel a little vocally light in comparison to the production.  It’s not that Jun. K sounds bad, it’s just that his tone sometimes lacks the gravitas you expect from R&B singers and, make no mistake, this IS an R&B album.  He has the passion, though, and that helps make up for some of the deficiencies.  What really makes this work are his adlibs.  He can growl and do a run with the best of them and, when he does, the songs pick up and flow that much better.

Our favorite tracks are Young Forever, My House, and NO♡, Part 2.  The most skippable tracks are Better Man and Surfing.

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