If This Is What The Moon Sounds Like represents Maryann and Bedroomtrapn represents Baegod, then Seashells is a happy marriage of two personas.

We have to admit; we love it when Baegod sings.  There is something about the tone of her voice that is simultaneously soothing and haunting.  She finds what works for her and does the most with it, giving you a fulfilling experience.  This is no different as she uses different styles of delivery to keep the track interesting without leaving you feeling like the song is disjointed.  We especially like the underlying adlibs that add a sense of urgency to the sweetheart tone as she describes trying to keep her mind off an old lover and continuously fails.

The reason we call this a marriage between the artist’s two personas is that you find what worked on her two most recent album here.  Lyrically, you get the cohesiveness of TIWTMSL on the verses with the more thematic poetry of Bedroomtrapn on the choruses and the two meet seamlessly at the bridge.  The production still has some of the experimental motes of Bedroomtrapn but with the more R&B core of TIWTMSL.  The track is still futuristic in its sound, but you have a grounding in the familiar that draws your mind to the sounds that you hear.  The effect is powerful as you feel yourself sinking into the mood of the track despite the fact that the full runtime is just shy of three minutes.  Definitely worth a few listens.

This is the first single from Baegod’s as-of-yet unnamed EP, scheduled to be released this fall.  Click the shopping cart in the player to find out how to get this track for free.