Talay Riley is really into his lady makes him feel and there’s not enough time in the day to enjoy it or money to walk away from her.

The production of this track drips in sexiness thanks to the minimalist guitar plucks and snaps that make up the bulk of the beat.  The harmonies do a good job of drawing you in and filling out what could have easily been blank spots in the production.  The lyrics are a mixed bag of metaphor and forthrightness as the first verse, with clear sexual undertones, tries to disguise its tone with a lose metaphor of the physical act of lovemaking being equated to being excited to be with someone.  It works for the most part, but is entirely dropped for the second verse.  It doesn’t kill the song though, instead making it into a solid babymaker.

It’s Riley’s falsetto that really sells this track, though.  Given the time this track was released, it’s hard to ignore the possible Prince influence on both the vocals and the production, but there’s nothing wrong with an homage that sounds like this.