Sammie (formerly Leigh Bush) is letting his lady know that he isn’t like the other guys that she’s known; he’s the one.

Promising to be the kind of guy she take home to the family and treat her right, the singer’s vocals are smooth over a trap&B beat.  He modulates between an almost rap delivery and traditional singing elements (focusing more on the latter) in a way that emphasizes the theme.  The combination of modern and traditional elements shows him to be a modern man that a woman can have fun with, but also having that solid core that gives them something to build on.  The Doh Boy production is brighter and lighter than songs that have this kind of style, which helps enhance the happy feeling that Sammie wants his lady to have when she thinks about a future with him.

Writing about the inspiration for the song on his SoundCloud page, the singer made it clear why he felt doing this song was important.  “I derive from an era where it was perfectly ok to praise a woman, to court her and show her off.  It wasn’t solely based off her physical attributes.  I felt it was time to [resurrect] that content that gave women hope again.  That’s why I wrote I’m Him. I’m that guy to show you different.”