It’s summer, so that means that it’s time for another freebie from Miguel.  And while there is no word yet as to whether we will finally get volume four of Art Deco Chic, we will gladly take this.

Another song that sounds like it’s using a sample for Diggable Planets (we’ll update this post when we know for sure), the singer entreats his lady to slide on her everyday clothes and over to his place so they can have some quality time together and she can slide back out of them again.  The song is a mood maker above all else and accomplishes its job wonderfully thanks to masterful production and the laidback tone of Miguel’s vocals.  The lyrics are nothing particularly deep, but that really isn’t what you’re looking for in a song like this.  It really does make you want to call someone to see if they can come through and chill.

Its strength comes from the fact that it’s effective as both background and sit-down-and listen music and will probably be one of the season’s sleeper hits.

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