Lion Babe is embarking on their first tour and, with a new solid freelease under their belt, they have that much more material to perform.

We said it before, if you don’t know the duo’s music, this is the perfect chance to get acquainted.  They seem to have put as much effort into this as they did their album with substantive, poetic lyrics and Jillian Hervey giving some great vocals.  The lyrics also have the added (proper) benefit of being more than just placeholders for sound to fill out the beat and actually have some good messages about not attaching your pride to money and loving yourself before anyone else.  The production is on point as well, even on the discordant Rain Drums, and almost every track has a summer feel that makes you want to go out side and soak up the sun and heat during some fun activity.

Beside the debut single Endless Summer, we also love Tina Turner, Silver Cheetah, and Jazz DrumsRain Drums is probably the most skippable due to the off-kilter sound on the chorus, but even that is worth a listen.  We shouldn’t have been surprised by the strength of this, but it’s a nice thing all the same.

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