Damar Jackson has been releasing music pretty consistently for a while now and, while we might detect a little Bryson Tiller influence that wasn’t there before, he knows how to balance refixes with original material.

His latest EP/freelease has him doing just that to a pretty good effect as he sings about love (more specifically, hood love) over new production and reworks some classics like Dance Tonight from Lucy Pearl.  His vocals, while feeling like he’s trying to fit into a trend at times, sound good and he still manages to come across as himself instead of a copy of someone else.  The beatwork of the songs are primarily mid-tempo and somewhat dark, but they fit the vibe of a warm-weather party around a pool or in a basement at night where the red light is on and it’s time to get a little freaky on the floor.  This isn’t the most substantive set, but it knows what it is and it does its job effectively.

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