Whoever’s the choreographer for SM, they deserve some major credit.  The steps for the majority of videos they’ve put out over the past year have been on point, with NTC U being the best and EXO being a close second.

Of course, the problem with a lot of videos with a storyline is the dance scenes are cut to further the plot (which we are fine with).  Now, this usually isn’t an issue for EXO as the bulk of their videos with dancing are primarily meant to focus on the choreography, but Monster was different and some fans may felt a little cheated.

Not to worry though, the group have released the full dance version of the video and, if you’re seeking to copy, it some intricate stuff.  It’s clear that the trend right now (at least in Korea) is footwork as there is stuff going on below the ankle that you might miss if you’re looking at their faces and legs.  This is pretty nice and we can’t wait to see the treatment that some of the other songs get for their live shows.

To see what we thought of the song itself or see the lyrics, head over to our review.  To hear the entire album (in either language), hit up our album stream.

The first video is the Korean version of the song; the second is the Chinese (Mandarin) version.